How to use our application
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How to use our application
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Frequently asked questions

– You can expect from 10 to 20 signals per week.

– You can expect from 20 to 40 analysis and trade ideas per week.

London Time:
From 07:00 to 11:00 am
From 01:00 to 04:00 pm

– We use between 10 and 15 pips stop, but you can use it at your preference.

– Our target is between 30 and 200 pips, but you can stay as much as you want in the trade.

– Our aim is a minimum of 1: 3, as we want to reach a ratio of 1: 5.

– We prefer to trade a short-term, but we have trades, which duration is a few days.

– You can use them in several way:
1) By placing a pending order at the levels we will use for entry, stop, and target.
2) By placing alarms at the entry level and waiting for our trade signals with more details.

1) Trade signals ( buy , sell)
2) Pending order signals (buy limit, sell limit, buy stop , sell stop)
3) Changes in positions (modify)
4) Closing order signals (stop loss, take profit, closed)

– You can expect signals and trade-ideas in

1) EUR/USD     2) GBP/USD     3) EUR/JPY     4) AUD/USD     5) GBP/JPY

6) NZD/USD    7) BTC/USD

– Our target is 10% profit  per month.

– Our risk in each trade is 0.5%.

– Our personal opinion is that you do not have to trade every day to get a good profit. You should always set a goal and when you manage to reach it you should stop trading or reduce the risk in every trade.

– You can activate your membership through our application in subscription section by debit or credit card.

– Our company “Angels FX” LLC uses the services of Stripe as a payment system provider.

– Yes, you can stop your membership from the subscription section in our application at any time.

– Yes, you can activate your membership by re-entering your debit or credit card in the subscription section.

– Yes, Angels-FX offers its application in Web version, Andrew and IOS.

– Yes, you can share your opinion of the market with all our members by following the rules of social chat and not advertising any services.

– No, the application serves only to share our expectations about the financial markets.

– Our traders will comment on the social chat the market during the sessions and trade they occupy.